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Monday, May 27, 2013


Its Tiina's turn! This was a fun mini shoot that I did with her on one of those nice days we had back in April. We started it out the way any good shoot should, with Chi and chatting about far off lands. Then we walked over to a favorite area of town that has some lovely colors. These are Tiina's gradation/practicing to be in front of a camera for her wedding pictures. 

Tiina is getting married this summer which I will not be at, but then she is moving closer to where I will be in Europe so I will be seeing her there! Love you friend!

Nick | Class of 2013

This great guy is graduating in just a few days! Congrats Nick!

Will & Annie

Will and Annie. I just fell in love with their love story as soon as I heard it! They met on a mission trip many years ago and their friends knew that these two would wind up together one day. They even told them this, but nothing came of it for a long time. Their friendship grew over distance and many years as they both went on with their lives. Then, thanks to God's perfect timing the weals started turning. They started dating and got engaged last year. I met Annie right after they had started dating and her opening line was, "We are sisters cause we have the same last name!" I'm always up for making new friends and so I agreed. The next thing out of her mouth was, "I've been stalking your photography and I love it!" This girl really knows how to start a friendship off right, haha.

They tied the knot in March and I'm now ready to share the love. Their wedding was full of so much love! Not just between them, but from everyone who attended and played a part in making it happen. I love weddings and I have seen couples who have a lot of support, but these two had something special. They have obviously given so much of them selves to relationship and they have truly devoted, loving friends. I was honored to be a part of their day!
 Quick explanation: She is not sad that she is married. Just that she is leaving behind our wonderful last name. It was what brought us together!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ryan & Sarah | Engagement

I'm finally getting Ryan and Sarah, the future Mr. and Mrs. Bentley, up on here.
I have had the unique privilege of being specially involved in their relationship. In some ways I feel like I have gotten to be their personal photographer since the beginning. I was there for their 6th month, random summer shoots when Sarah and I were housemates, and then their one year anniversary (When Ryan proposed). And now I got to shoot their engagement pictures, but I get to hand the reigns off to another talented photographer for their wedding because I'll be standing up with them as a bride's maid! 

This was a wonderful day for a shoot and I am always amazed at how little direction I have to give them. They are so natural and it is the easiest thing in the world to capture their love.